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Success Story SWR portal world

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The SWR portal world: On a uniform, cost-optimizing basis

The SWR portal world

Independent, neutral, informative and responsible: SWR, the second-largest regional broadcasting corporation within the ARD, provides an up-to-date summary of daily news events at all times.

In addition to radio and television programmes, SWR online services, ranging from a children's site through to the umbrella portal of ARD, constantly provides current information and search facilities round the clock. The new common base for the SWR portal world will enable the broadcasting company to carry out its task of providing information more efficiently. The underlying portal framework enables a smooth editorial process and more cost-conscious operation of the portal world - and: each individual name is completely retained in the design of the related portals,,, and! The Content Management System of CoreMedia AG, Hamburg, which was used for this purpose, was optimally adapted by Sybit GmbH to SWR requirements. Perfect teamwork between SWR and Sybit was a further significant factor for success.

The SWR portal world focuses on a uniform, cost-optimizing basis

Features & Focus

  • Large number of editorial users with very different profiles
  • Maximum flexibility in preparing visual contents
  • Use of cross portal synergies
  • High degree of component diversity
  • Flexible integration in the system environment (programme planning, etc.)
  • Redundant layout of all server components
  • Web2.0 technologies and accessibility

Achievements & Accomplishments

  • Optimal mapping of editorial processes
  • High degree of user friendliness due to scalability and dynamic loading performance
  • Low amount of administration involved
  • High degree of reusability

Facts & Factors

  • High-performance, stable and scalable CMS (CoreMedia)
  • Tried and tested Sybit process model from analysis through to training
  • Implementation in accordance with the Federal Ordinance on Barrier-Free Information Technology (BITV)
  • Many years of experience with media portals

Tools & Technologies

  • CoreMedia CMS
  • Web2.0 & Ajax Technology