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The Customer Analytics module represents the foundation of your value-oriented customer-centric approach.  Analyze, understand and forecast the customer’s conduct for an optimum return on investment. Get to know your customers’ needs and wishes better and learn to interpret them in a more differentiated manner.

Sybit Customer Analytics helps you to address your most valuable customers more appropriately. We take care of all the work required to set up and optimize your value-oriented customer processes in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Drawing on our consulting expertise, we will give a new dimension to your understanding of your customers. Work with us to model Customer Journeys and customized strategies so that you can tailor your services as accurately as possible to your customers. The knowledge about customer structure and customer segments, the development of scoring models, and the analysis of customer values will all help to deepen your knowledge of customers and the potential they represent, to develop target-group-specific marketing strategies, and to attract and retain enduringly profitable customers.

You benefit from:

  • Discovery of new business opportunities
  • Increased relevance in your customer interactions
  • More efficient customer acquisition
  • Greater focus on your most profitable customers
  • Reduction in resource use and costs involved in marketing

The analysis of your customer data represents the starting point for designing your effective business strategy and your successful Customer Lifecycle Management. A more targeted and personalized customer engagement and efficient sales focused on customer value will form the basis of your commercial success and your sustained corporate growth. With Sybit Customer Analytics based on SAP and SAP Hybris technologies, you will be able to set up and maintain your holistic Customer Lifecycle Management methodically for the long term. You will thereby achieve an ideal combination of sales growth and cost reductions.

What we do for you specifically:

  • Goal definition: in consultation with you we shall define the business goals based on your concrete requirement situation 
  • Determination of your existing level of sophistication with respect to Customer Analytics
  • Evaluation of potential Customer Analytics approaches in Marketing, Sales, E-Business, and Service
  • Roadmap planning for concrete measures
  • Implementation of the approved measures/technologies

Customer Analytics will provide the crucial knowledge basis for

  • increasing awareness of your brand in the market
  • speeding up customer acquisition
  • improving customer service
  • fostering cross and up-selling
  • improving customer retention and reacquisition

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What can we do for you?

Do you have any questions about our services or do you wish to arrange a consultation? We shall be pleased to assist you and look forward to meeting you. Simply get in touch with us.

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