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Winning complex sales: speeding up sales processes – inspiring customers – working on the move and independently. From sales person to customer care staff. SAP Sales Cloud makes it possible. It ensures that you also have ready access to customer data and analyses when you are out of the office, can exchange information with colleagues and already know today what your customers will want tomorrow.

SAP Sales Cloud offers you:

  • Simple and central administration of contacts, leads and opportunities
  • Location and device-independent availability of all relevant data
  • Intuitive user guidance and state-of-the-art user design
  • Intelligent analysis & forecast functionalities
  • E-mail, calendar and telephony integration

You benefit from:

  • Faster conversion through intelligent sales control
  • Increased sales thanks to optimum customer care
  • More “productive time” through comprehensive automation of administrative tasks
  • Extremely high user acceptance through state-of-the-art user guidance and interface design
  • Smooth cooperation between in-house and field staff

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales Dashboard

The Key Functions

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud makes all relevant context-specific data available to you. This means that you receive precisely the information that you need at any point without having to search through files, e-mails or calendar entries. SAP Hybris Sales Cloud provides an overview of prices, product details, quotations, sales opportunities and statuses. You receive news and updates conveniently via a dynamic feed. Just as you are used to from the social networks.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud runs online in a browser. That means that it does not matter whether you are in the office, at the airport or at the customer’s premises. From wherever you are, you can use all the functions, access all the data and are always up to date with the latest information. Device-independent and thanks to a cache function, also available for offline use.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud is designed as a “social CRM”. That means that it makes it easy for you to collaborate with your sales team and partners and use their collective knowledge. A feed will supply all the information that is relevant to you: customer data updates, new developments relating to opportunities, document updates and postings. You can set up expert groups with your colleagues, follow topics and individuals or disseminate interesting feeds in the network.

You can use Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes as your e-mail and calendar program as you have been used to. Your e-mails, appointments, tasks and contacts will automatically be synchronized with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud in bi-directional operation. An additional window in your e-mail program will show you relevant information. You can move elements using drag & drop – for instance copy a calendar entry from Outlook directly into a customer file in SAP Hybris Sales Cloud; the data will be synchronized automatically.

You can connect SAP Hybris Sales Cloud to your telephone system – be it a conventional system or a platform such as Microsoft Lync. This will allow you to make calls directly from within the system. When calls come in, all the relevant data relating to the caller that are available in SAP Hybris Sales Cloud will be displayed: contact details, contact history, or current transactions. In addition, the call will automatically be added to the contact history as an activity and you can open an opportunity, make notes or create a new account in SAP Hybris Sales Cloud directly from the call.

Winning complex sales: customers, contacts, opportunities, products, activities & tasks: successful sales are based on careful strategic planning. In SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, you can conveniently create, access and update all context-specific information crucial to success. You don’t need any additional technology to provide you and your colleagues with a 360 degree view of the customer.

Take well-founded decisions. The SAP Hybris Sales Cloud dashboard supplies you with a clearly laid out graphic display of your business transactions in real time. You can create detailed reports – without requiring any special reporting skills. The forecast functionalities provide you with insights into the activities in your teams and a detailed picture of the pipeline status. You will be able to keep an eye on all the KPIs and plan with greater prudence and foresight.

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SAP Hybris Sales Cloud is a component of SAP C/4HANA and SAP Customer Experience

By networking intelligent marketing automation, sales and service CRM, as well as e-commerce, companies will succeed in achieving the seamless integration of all customer-oriented processes and the company-wide collection, summarization, analysis, and utilization of valuable data for accurately tailored customer communication, customer interaction, and customer transaction.

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