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Listening carefully. Analyzing trends and moods. Fostering well-targeted interaction. Network with your target groups and strengthen your presence and your customer relationship management in social networks by becoming involved in online communities in a strategic fashion.

Engage in close contact and exchange with your target groups

Use the social media channels purposefully to engage even more closely with your existing and potential customers. SAP Hybris Social Engagement Cloud and the integrated Social Media Cockpit provides you with important information from customer statements about your reputation and the acceptance of your portfolio. Give your staff in Sales, Marketing, and Service a powerful tool to use. Integrate interactions on social networks in a comprehensive Customer Journey and use the gained insights for your corporate development.

SAP Hybris Social Engagement Cloud is an on-demand module of SAP Hybris Sales and Service Cloud that offers the following functionalities:

Social Media Cockpit

  • Receive messages in real time
  • Moods and keywords
  • Mark and tag messages 
  • Facility to prioritize important messages


  • Built-in KPIs
  • Diagrams and dashboards
  • Measure impact and team performance

1-to-1 Interaction

  • Respond and post proactively
  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Templates for a speedier response
  • Team organization and collaboration

Profiles and Histories

  • Customer data management
  • History of all interactions 
  • Public profiles and message flows

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You benefit from:

Social Media Management – with central control

  • One platform for all social media channels
  • Time and capacity savings
  • Central control of social media campaigns
  • Structured workflows across departments

Public Relations – influencing opinions

  • Respond by modifying editorial content
  • Live the dialog with the community
  • Analyze developments in the social web
  • Identify debates and topics early on
  • Establish a positive image of your brand and your company

Product Management – creating innovations

  • Identify and build on new ideas early on
  • Understand how products are received in the market
  • Conduct coherent dialogs with innovation groups

Market Research – understanding markets

  • Identify target groups
  • Optimize campaign management
  • Track communication behavior
  • Investigate prevailing opinions

Sales – social selling

  • Use potential for cross and up-selling
  • Match sales activities to the customer
  • Link online shop to social media world
  • Collect and analyze customer information

Service – providing immediate assistance

  • Reduce response times
  • Enhance the quality of the customer relationship
  • Lower cost through collaboration
  • Understand what your customers find difficult
  • Meet customers in the places where they look for information

Digital Marketing – focusing on the individual customer

  • Rapid analysis of moods
  • Effective design of digital touchpoints
  • Target-group-specific publication of content
  • Analysis and control of marketing campaigns


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