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Better e-commerce across all channels. SAP Commerce Cloud offers you state-of-the-art Master Data Management and standardized commerce processes that guarantee you a comprehensive view of your customers, products, and orders. With SAP Commerce Cloud, you will be able to communicate effectively with your customers across all channels – online and offline – in a consistent, personalized, and engaging manner and thus simply sell more effectively.

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Ensure an extraordinary and personal customer experience to enhance loyalty and boost sales.

SAP Hybris is the market-leading solution to effectively manage your communication, sales, and customer service processes across all channels. All product data is managed and prepared centrally on a single platform for cross-media publication.

SAP Hybris Commerce is aimed at distributors and manufacturers that wish to set up a profit boosting online sales channel and are looking for some all-inclusive standard e-commerce software to accomplish it.

The SAP Hybris software components based on the latest open technology

  • enable you to map sales and order management electronically and to coordinate, synchronize, and optimize interactions with end customers and sales partners across several sales channels,
  • allow you to handle the entire order process as well as the online presentation of dynamic contents,
  • and support you with comprehensive functionalities from lead processing to customer loyalty measures.

The solution is a modular suite, where the modules can be used either individually or as part of an overall solution. The application can be linked conveniently to ERP, CRM, and Supply Chain systems via interfaces.

And to be able to specifically address the different requirements and usage patterns of private and business customers, SAP Commerce Cloud offers you the applications especially for B2C and B2B Commerce, which make available target-group-specific functions.

The market-leading commerce solution for companies aiming to be market leaders themselves:

  • Assessed as “market leader” by Gartner and Forrester
  • Global in every way: several websites, several languages, several currencies
  • Increased efficiency through high innovation speed and minimum overall operating costs
  • With a modern, standardized platform based on open standards
  • Agile, scalable, expandable: “The last commerce platform you will ever need™”
  • Innovative combinations of comprehensive B2B and state-of-the-art B2C functions

SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B – inspire business customers and enhance customer loyalty for the long term

Your customers will benefit from an outstanding user experience and personalization as part of a Customer Journey that treats them with respect. You will be able to enhance loyalty and revenues sustainably and grow successfully with satisfied customers. Coherent Customer Journeys, 24/7 self-service options, as well as a well-targeted supply of information guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. The market-leading omnichannel commerce software supports even the most demanding and complex B2B ecosystems.

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SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B will benefit you in a variety of ways:

SAP Hybris Commerce for B2B supports all your company’s sophisticated purchasing and sales requirements and enables you to manage different buyer and user roles.

Use advanced personalization and targeting options and offer self-service as well as optimized search and navigation functions. Enable buyers to place repeat orders and large-scale orders and make available efficient omnichannel fulfillment options as well as useful product recommendations.

Use functions such as web service integration with ERP solutions to support credit checks and integrated cost estimate processes.

With its architecture and technology, SAP Hybris Commerce for B2B ensures maximum scalability and performance in high-traffic environments. Existing implementations support over 20 million SKUs and 6,000 transactions per second.

Optimize your processes and increase productivity to reduce both overall operating costs and the expenditure for Customer Service. Get online more quickly with the SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2B – an omnichannel framework that is ready for immediate use and customizable.

SAP Hybris Commerce can work seamlessly with your existing backend systems.

SAP Hybris supports the most important international languages, currencies, and tax models so that you can develop new target markets without any problems. Widen your customer base and open up new international markets with ease.

SAP Commerce Cloud for B2C –
Simply do what your customers expect of you

With SAP Commerce Cloud for B2C, you can ensure an inspiring Customer Experience at all digital and physical touchpoints. Create context-specific and relevant experiences from the first search steps to customer-centered order processing, which will motivate your customers to make more purchases and make your business even more successful in the digital sphere.

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SAP Commerce Cloud for B2C will provide benefits in the following areas:

Using the SAP Hybris Web Content Management solution, your staff will be able to set up and manage new websites or revise existing ones conveniently.

Make available relevant content and well-targeted functionalities using our powerful personalization functions. High-performance search and navigation functions will help your digital customers to find the desired products and services quickly and conveniently.

The special architecture and mature technology of SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C offer ideal scalability and performance. In addition, the integrated internationalization functions of the SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2C will enable you to have a limitless global presence through its support for multiple websites, languages, and currencies.

Ensure successful product merchandizing without requiring support from the IT department. SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C gives business users back total control.

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SAP Commerce Cloud is a part of SAP C/4HANA and SAP Customer Experience

By networking intelligent marketing automation, sales and service CRM, as well as e-commerce, companies will succeed in achieving the seamless integration of all customer-oriented processes and the company-wide collection, summarization, analysis, and utilization of valuable data for accurately tailored customer communication, customer interaction, and customer transaction.

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